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Sneak peak of our Baby Girl's Nursery!

As the weeks go by, we're getting closer to having our baby girl! Currently i'm on my 30th week and I can't believe how time is flying.. We have redecorated our guest room into our little one's nursery. I wanted something very clean and not too pink, as I want it to be a serene but cute space with neutral tones. Also each color affects us and here is what pink does to us. Pink is a calming and relaxing color and it evokes femininity and empathy. Initially, it has a calming effect but be warned that it can lead to agitation and anxiety so it's recommended not to decorate the whole room with pink. Also I would like to try to raise our baby in a more gender neutral environment. A recent documentary from the BBC followed a school class in which gendered toys, activities and language was avoided -- with the result that behavior and self-esteem improved significantly among boys and girls. Gina Rippon, professor emeritus of cognitive neuroimaging at Aston University, UK, tells the parents to watch out for the “pink and blue tsunami,” in which the constant stressing of differences between boys and girls will change their brain and their behavior! Of course I love the girly, pinky toys and clothes, I just try not to go overboard with them and opt for other colors as well such as grey, blue, yellow or green! But anyway, I had no idea about all of this until I got pregnant and started to read and research about these things. So I'm happy to share it with you and in my next blog post, I will also share some interesting facts I have gathered from some books!

P.S. The cute nursery prints are from my favorite illustrator in Marbella - Mercedes Lopez Charro!

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