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Merry Christmas from my home!

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you're having an amazing relaxing time with your loved ones! I'm very lucky to have my Estonian family over this year, and of course my fiancé's Spanglish family is here - so it's really a special time of the year. And of course I have a very special someone in my belly - our babygirl is now 33 weeks, so the countdown is really on now as there's only 7 weeks to go. As for the festive food, my sister made a lovely cream soup with Salmon, we also prepared some traditional Estonian food (sauerkraut, a layered salad called 'Kasukas' etc) and as for the main course, the meatlovers enjoyed oven-roasted lamb and the rest had a lovely salmon pastry. And the grand finale was my homemade Cheesecake with Pacharan! On the 25th, we're lucky to enjoy a traditional English Turkey at my fiancé's parents house and since we live in Spain, we also celebrate the 3 Kings on the 6th January and exchange presents! Anyway, I hope you take these days to enjoy your family and friends, enjoy some walks in nature and induldge in good foods and be grateful for everything you have! Thank you for another beautiful Christmas! xx

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