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Marbella Life Podcast: #10 John Brendmoe - from a painter to a millionaire

Updated: Apr 4

I am so excited to introduce you to my guest in my last Marbella Life Podcast episode - the one and only John Brendmoe, a Norweigen businessman who has built up a 500 million dollar business in less than a decade. He’s mainly known for his family run property company Antima, who has flipped now over 60 houses in Marbella and as we sit down with him in their latest masterpiece that just sold for nearly €16 million, we get a glimpse of his mindset and work ethic. We talk about what it takes to get to where he is today, about his charity work, his personal health crisis, of course about Marbella Forum and about a secret project that he has not yet shared publicly before. Want to know more? Tune in and enjoy.

Marbella best restaurants by John Brendmoe

John’s favorite restaurants in Marbella:

Florentine in Forum - that will open 1st June. Fantastic day to day Italian resturant.

El patio Marbella Club as well is a fantastic place with a beautiful interior and an extensive menu with vegan options. It has a beautiful secret garden.

Tahini is my favorite of Asian food and Sushi restaurant in Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe.

My favorite time there is at sunset and the views over the sea are just spectacular.

La Taberna Fantastica Benahavis is a beautiful place as well with spectacular chicken dishes and a great Andalusian food and atmosphere.

More info about Antima on their website and


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