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What to do in Cordoba: Alcazar Palace Gardens

The second sight we saw in Cordoba was the gardens of the Alcazar Palace. The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos ("Castle of the Christian Kings"), also known as the Alcázar of Córdoba, is a medieval alcázar located in the historic centre of Córdoba, next to the Guadalquivir River and near the Grand Mosque. The castle used to be the residence of Roman governors and Moorish caliphs, and in 1328 it became the home of the Spanish kings when they were in Cordoba.

The stunning gardens occupy 55.000 square metres offering a wide variety of plants, palm trees, cypresses, orange and lemon, trees to be seen which overlook stone fountains and large ponds. Originally the water was brought in by an aqueduct from the Sierra Morena and the great Albolafia waterwheel in the River Guadalquivir nearby helped with the supply. The large ponds were added in the 19th century. It’s definitely a must-visit when in Cordoba, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour (max two if you enjoy a long walk in the gardens).


Adults: €4.50

Children up to 13 years old: free

Students (with student card): €2.25

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