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36 Weeks Pregnant - 1 month to go!

I honestly can’t believe I just have one more month til the arrival of our babygirl! Or who knows, could be any minute now or she can also be feeling super comfy in there and stay an extra week! Anyway, I just hope she will pass the 37 week mark, as babies born after that are not considered premature and will not have to stay in the hospital for any longer than usual. I have definitely enjoyed my pregnancy and I’m still feeling amazing! I have no pains or aches - only some shoes do feel a bit tighter, but I’m lucky to be pregnant in the winter, since the summer heat will definitely not help with the swelling of the feet.

A few things I recommend..


I have read a few books and listened to some audiobooks! Besides the Hypnobirth audio book, I also listened to The Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way Audiobook, which I really enjoyed and got a lot of useful information, and I have also read Pre-parenting: Nurturing your child from conception (find my favorite parts & summary of it HERE!). Also read a short one called Birth Without Violence and currently I’m finishing the book ‘Brain Rules for Baby’ by John Medina (Super interesting - I’ll be posting about it when I finish the book).

Exercise Ball

I have stopped the early yoga classes, since I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible, but I do try to go for walks as much as I can and I still work full time, just trying to take more frequent breaks, so I don’t sit 8 hours a day. Also when I work from home, I use the Exercise or a Birthing ball, which is to sit more upright with the pelvis slightly forward. Sitting and gently rolling the pelvis to make circles helps to relax the low back and hip muscles, and bouncing gently can give baby a gravity-assisted push toward the exit. And bonus: Those same movements on the ball provide great relief during labor. Be sure your ball is firm enough and high enough so that your hips are higher than your knees.

If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to comment below or email me at:

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