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My Top 10 Favourite Baby Things

I’m sure all the mum-to-bes have a list of things they need to buy before the birth of their little one. And there is quite a few things you need to get, but here is my list of some cool things (they might not be essential), but I love them all and I can’t wait to try and use them on our baby girl! Hope you find something useful also for you or why not give one of these as a baby shower gift to a pregnant girlfriend!

Lollipop Baby Camera is an intelligent system designed to use video and data to assist your daily care. Using a non-invasive and gently contoured set of devices, you can both watch and be aware of all in your baby’s room wherever you might be. The system is smart, easy to set up and use, and via the app you get instant notifications sent to your smartphone! And with the Data History, you can see if your little one fusses at the same time every day? Or does something specific make them upset? The longer you use the Lollipop, the more you’ll learn. You can also pair the Lollipop camera with our matching sensor to log temperature, humidity and air quality levels.

What is Amawrap? Amawrap is a baby carries aka baby sling, made of breathable 100% natural cotton. Whether you’re busy doing chores at home whilst trying to settle baby, or out and about, the Amawrap is the easiest way to keep baby close. And one size fits all! What are the benefits of a baby sling? Research has shown that “kangaroo care”, the technique of holding premature and full-term newborns skin-to-skin can contribute to optimal neurological development, as well as the skin to skin contact regulating the babys heartbeat and temperature. The first three months of a baby’s life have also been referred to as the “fourth trimester”, as it is felt that this trimester is an extension of life from the womb. Until now your baby never knew hunger, could always hear mummy’s heartbeat and was always rocked. It may take a while to adjust to life on the outside, and we can help with that transition!

No more crying!

A randomized controlled trial of full term breastfed infants by Hunziker, et al. found that carrying your baby in arms or in a full body contact baby carrier for at least 3 hours per day (in addition to carrying regularly provided during feeding and in response to crying) reduced daytime crying by 43% and nighttime crying (4pm-12am) by 54%. Also, the normal peak in crying that occurs at 6-weeks of age was practically eliminated. If you're in Spain, they sell them also via Amazon!

When I was looking for a good steriliser, I came across with this amazing all in one sterilising & heating solution - MAM 6 in 1 Electric Steriliser & Express Bottle Warmer. I’m not keen on using the microwave, so I really liked this product because of its heating options.The only bad thing with this gadget is, that you can only order it to the UK (costs around 90 pounds)! But here is the list of reasons that made me want to buy it:

  • All in one sterilising, saves on kitchen space

  • Electric and microwave steam sterilising possible.

  • Keeps item disinfected for up to 48 hours

  • Gentle and fast warming: perfect for breastmilk and formula 85% would recommend the MAM Electric Steriliser & express Bottle Warmer to other parents.

  • Microwave Steriliser suitable for microwaves from 650 to 1850 watt

  • Free Inside: 2x Easy StartTM Anti-Colic 160ml bottles, 2x MAM Start, 1x Teat Tongs

Also, all MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS!

That was one of our Christmas presents from my fiancé’s brother and this little gadget is a simple, stylish and space-saving solution for keeping your baby’s room clean and odor-free. The film contains an antibacterial ingredient that kills germs, whereas the unpleasant doors are contained in the multi-layer film & smart lid!

After researching & googling which breast pump to buy, I came across this one and it really seems like a great product with a decent price! I will definitely let you know how it works and how I liked it after I have used it!

PORTABLE: With lightweight design and USB charger, can be charged by power bank or computer. It’s convenient to carry when you going out.

AUTOMATIC MODE: The massage mode helps to stimulate breast milk secretion first and then gradually switch to pumping mode. The pumping level is adjustable from 1 to 16, which meets the different milk pumping demands.

MEMORY FUNCTION: The breast pump can help to record the most comfortable level you use, so you don’t need to set it over again and again.

MEDICAL-GRADE MATERIAL: Made from Food Grade Silicone, BPA free medical-grade material. The inner valve is anti-backflow design to keep it fresh, which is safe for mom and baby.

SUPER QUIET: This breast pump’s volume is controlled under 50dB, it won’t waking your baby and disturbing your family or your colleague.

This is such a cute little digital thermometer! The correct room temperature is vital for creating a safe sleeping environment for a baby. Health professionals recommend that the room that your baby sleeps in should be maintained at 16–20°C to help reduce the risk of cot death. The innovative Gro-egg changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby. As an added bonus it even works well as a gentle night light. A yellow glow suggests a comfortable temperature for children to sleep in, whilst a blue glow suggests it’s too cold and a red glow suggests it’s too warm.

Many people wonder why spend that extra money on a Moses basket when you have a baby crib! A Moses basket is a great choice for the first few months of your baby's life, since it’s recommended that your little one sleep in the same room as you for the first 6 months. Also, babies will be sleeping during the day too, and you will need a place for them to nap. This is where the Moses basket the ideal solution, since you can move it around and they provide a cosy little sanctuary for our little ones. Our beautiful basket is a gift from our Baby Shower, and it’s been waiting in our room now for a few months! Can’t wait to see our little girl in it!

This was one of the first things I bought! I got some super cute clothes from their online shop along with two muslin sets for swaddling! And I think if there is one essential baby item that every parent needs, it’s the muslin. These are crafted from 100% cotton to make sure that they are ultra breathable, ensuring little one will be safe when sleeping soundly. With their loosely woven material, your little one will never overheat whilst wrapped up snug in the muslin, so you can always have peace of mind. Generously sized at 110 x 110cm to make sure that you can easily swaddle their little ones, and help them to sleep better as swaddling has been proven as an effective method to calm newborn babies. Muslins can also be used as a discreet way to breastfeed if you’re looking for something light and comfortable to cover yourself.

This is another present from our good friends who already have a child, and they said this is a must-have! It’s a cute teething ring made of 100% natural rubber and painted with non-toxic food-grade paints. The Sophie la Girafe teether stimulates many senses simultaneously: Sophie's squeak and laugh will delight baby's ears, her flexible, easy to hold shape can be moulded and gripped and her beautiful paintwork and friendly face is charming to the eyes. The teether won't irritate your little one's mouth and her bumpy head is great for soothing tired, teething gums. Babies love Sophie for many reasons, but the fact that she relieves the pain of teething is top of the list. What's more, the Sophie la Girafe teether squeaks and giggles when squeezed, helping your baby to associate the teething process with laughter and happiness. Whilst it may not seem fun at the time, Sophie helps teething seem less negative, building a positive foundation for your baby's growth.

This is also a present from a family with kids for our baby shower and they say it’s the best thing you can get when you have a baby and you’re planning to breastfeed.

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