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Introducing our baby girl Amanda!

It’s incredible that’s it’s already been a week since the birth of our babygirl. My due date was the 12th of February and so is her birthday. She definitely likes to be on time (I guess that’s the Estonian gene in her!) We had chosen the name years ago and it comes from my family, both from my mother’s and my father’s side. So we named our beautiful daughter Amanda Cameron Sommer! And she is so perfect, just like an angel - just the thought of her makes me cry already!

We decided to give birth in the end in Quiron Marbella, and it was a really good experience as I got exactly the doctor and the midwife that I wanted - doctor Castillo & the famous Bernardo. I started getting mild contractions on the 11th during the day, but since I had quite a lot also the previous Saturday, I thought that this might also be a ‘test-run’, so I didn’t take it that seriously. But I did have my hospital bag ready and as they got stronger and stronger by the evening, I knew this must be it. We headed to the hospital 1am and I was already 1cm dilated. They checked me in and since there was no-one else giving birth at that time, we got a really lovely room. We settled in the room and I used the hypnobirthing techniques to relax and ‘combat’ the contractions. By 8:30am I called the doctor and in the end, even though I tried to give birth naturally, the doctor and the midwife advised that a c-section is the safest option to deliver our baby, since the her heart rate started to drop and also even though I was pushing her down the cord around her neck kept on pulling her back up.  It wasn’t my ideal scenario, but in the end all that matters is that she is safely in this world and in our arms.

Throughout the birth, my fiancé Sam was amazing - he was so calm and supportive and was really there for me - I honestly think couldn’t have done it without him! As I have never stayed in a hospital or had a surgery I was a bit scared of the c section - but everything turned out to be fine. The first day was hard as I couldn’t get out of bed, neither could I drink or eat, but already on the second I got up and by Friday I was allowed home. And after being home for a week I’m feeling almost back to normal (because of the stitches I still can’t bend 100% but I still feel very good!).

I can’t even begin to describe the emotions and feelings that take over when you first see and hold your baby - it’s a magical unreal feeling - a true miracle! A miracle I have created with the love of my life. It doesn’t get much better than this..

When we arrived home my mother, sister and my mother-in-law had organised a lovely welcome surprise. This first week with our baby has been like a dream - she’s been very calm and peaceful, letting us get some sleep, and eating so well, so I’m not that tired as I thought I would be. Also people always tell you terrible stories and talk rather negatively about the night feeds, how difficult it is etc. But me and my fiancé are actually both enjoying taking care of her - day and night - and how can I not want to get up to feed my own baby at night? My mom has done it for me and I have so much love for our baby that I do it with pleasure! I love her so much that it’s impossible to put it into words and I’m so looking forward to this new chapter in our lives! 

Thank you also to everyone for the lovely messages, gifts, cards and flowers. Also thank you to Centro Mi Matrona Asunción y Pilar Marbella for the preparation classes and last but not lease of course a huge thank you to Dr. Castillo and Bernardo and to the team in Quiron who took care of us!

Love you Amanda! 




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