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The perfect gift for a new mum - Baby Skin2Skin Maternity Basket

When I was in the hospital one of the best presents I received was a lovely gift box from Baby Skin2Skin, which is a local company in Marbella specialised in quality products for moms on their postpartum journey. Did you know that infants held skin to skin contact with their mother were more than twice likely to breastfeed successfully during their first feeding postbirth than those who were held in swaddled blankets? The goal of Baby Skin2Skin is to advocate the benefits of parent to baby skin to skin; for mothers to feel beautiful while holding their baby in skin to skin & provide locally handmade, beautiful maternity products including gift packages for baby showers!

What was in my Deluxe Maternity Gift Basket?

- a beautiful soft nursing gown that allows mom to keep up with modesty, and feel comfortable. And to breastfeed the baby skin to skin! The fabrics is very soft and I’m already wearing it too much in the house!

- cute hospital stay or home slippers that are super soft and comfy.

- a hair band, matching the gown, should you need to put your hair up!

- newborn diapers

- baby wrap (very comfy as well - and again you can practice skin to skin with it)

- cute bag to use after for all the lovely Skin2Skin items!

And I also received some amazing lactation cookies. I’m not a fan of sweets, but these were so good that I ate them all by myself in two days! The Maternity Gift Baskets are only available for local delivery in and around Marbella town, contact Baby Skin2Skin for more information!

10 Benefits of Skin to Skin

1. Improvement in heart and lung function.

2. Stabilization of body temperature.

3. Regulation of blood sugar.

4. Initiation of breastfeeding.

5. Transfer of good bacteria.

6. Reduction in crying.

7. Relief from pain.

8. Enhancement of mom-baby communication

9. Easy transition from the womb.

10. Boost in maternal-child bonding.

Research reported in the journal "Current Biology" states that touch is critical for a baby’s development and this touch remains a footprint on their brains. Gentle touch for all newborns, especially those born premature, may help develop cognition, communication and behavior later on in life. For premature babies, it was found that the babies who experienced skin to skin had higher IQs, significantly larger areas of gray matter in the brain and less propensity towards hyperactivity and aggression later in life. Another study focused on full term babies, and those who experienced skin to skin postnatal had better cardio-respiratory stability, higher breastfeeding rates and decreased crying. I have been trying to practice skin to skin with our baby girl every evening for at least an hour - usually during the last feed of the day and then I will also pass her to daddy for a skin to skin session with him as well!

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