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My Hospital Bag Checklist & What I Missed

I packed my hospital bag around a month before my due date, but I actually added a few bits just a few days before! One aspect I never considered was the fact that you might have to stay in the hospital longer than one or two days. Due to the course of the birth (you can read more about my experience here) I ended up staying 3 nights and I definitely didn’t have enough clothes, underwear etc for me, for my baby or my partner. So do consider packing a bit more and leaving extra things in the car or at home, so that one of your relatives or friends can bring it to you if necessary. Anyway, here is the list of the things I had in my hospital bag and I must say receiving the BabySkin2Skin box was also not just a lovely gift, but also very useful!

Birth plan - I had listed all of my preferences for before, during and after the birth.

My Pillow from King of Cotton - so important to sleep on your own comfy pillow, trust me you’ll thank me later!

Towel - even though the hospital has one, it’s still nice to have your own

Clothes - as I mentioned before, I needed a few more clothes (make sure you consider the fact that you’ll be breastfeeding), even though I also used the hospital gown a lot since it was convenient for feeding the baby.

Bag for dirty laundry - this is something I didn’t take and it’s not so important, but it would be great to have it if you end up staying longer in the hospital.

Robe - such a nice feeling to put your robe on after having a shower.

Warm fuzzy socks - depends on the season when you give birth of course, but I loved having them on!

Nursing bras & granny undies - I didn’t take high enough high waisted underwear, also because I didn’t think I would have a c section surgery and a wound there that needed to be covered up.

Breast pads + Nipple cream - if you decided to breastfeed, make sure to pack some breast pads & a nipple cream such as Lansinoh

Maternity pads - they will have them also for you in the hospital, but if you are looking for different type or better ones, then make sure to pack them with you!

Flip flops - great for showering.

Slippers - I packed mine, but ended up using the BabySkin2Skin ones!

Toiletries - besides the obvious makeup, comb, makeup remover, creams etc I also packed dry shampoo (which was great as I couldn’t shower on the first day) or even better, get braids before heading to the hospital that will last a few days!

Chopstick - I loved having my favourite Natural Tone chopstick as my lips got so dry because I couldn’t drink during day 1!

Earth Mama after birth products - I ended up not needing these, but if you’re planning on a natural birth it’s probably worth getting these (Herbal Perineal Spray for example)

Snacks - such as coconut water, protein bars, fruit, tea etc)

Speaker - great to use during contractions to relax with some piano music and also after delivery it was great to have music in the room.

Chargers - don’t forget your phone charger or pack an emergency charger!

Aromatherapy - I enjoyed the lavender scent in the room, plus it’s calming.

Partner clothes/toiletries etc

Baby clothes & hat, gloves and socks

Baby nappies & wipes - I love the water wipes!

Swaddling/nursing blankets - I love the Baby Mori 100% cotton muslin blankets - super soft, you’ll love them!

Baby car seat - make sure to have it ready in your car & learn how to put it in the vehicle before the due date!

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