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Why is sleeping outside so good for the baby?

When Amanda was 2 weeks old, I started taking Amanda for walks outside. I’m not sure what she loves more - the fresh air or the rocking of the stroller! Anyway, when we’re walking, it’s 99% sure she’ll fall asleep, no matter how noisy the streets might be. Which is also great, as then she won't be woken up that easily later on by noise of other people etc. It might sound crazy to people in Spain but in Estonia (and in other nordic countries), we put the babies out to sleep even with minus temperatures. If you're wondering why, then there has been a study about it and they discovered that there are so many benefits for the little ones to sleep outdoor and that babies sleep longer when exposed to plenty of light in the afternoon since:

1. Cooler temperatures are believed to promote a longer, deeper sleep.

2. Babies who nap outside tend to be happy to nap anywhere.

3. Spending more time outdoors decreases exposure to germs in exposed places - so possibly fewer coughs and colds.

4. Being a fan of the great outdoors from an early age will encourage them to explore outdoor activities as they grow and possibly make them more adventurous too.

5. When baby’s outside, you are out there too. It’s a win-win for the family as everyone reaps the benefits of the fresh air!

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