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Why I Love MiBe Baby Clothes

When we travelled my home country Estonia in August, I also paid a visit to one of my favorite little organic clothing shop in Parnu called MiBe - Mini Beebi. Since my mother gave me a few newborn outfits from there I fell in love with the soft organic materials as well as the merino wool items they have. Merino wool is such a magical material - it’s soft, breathable, itch-free and comfortable for the baby. The best part for me is that unlike other textiles, Merino wool is a reactive material that adapts to your body's temperature. It regulates so that you are never too hot or cold in any weather. Merino wool has an amazing property called wicking that gradually expels sweat and odor from the body and lets it evaporate from the material, leaving you odor-free. So I highly recommend to try it on your baby!

Besides Merino Wool, Mini Beebi also uses Bamboo fabric a lot, which is also pretty amazing. It’s antibacterial, breathable and also durable to UV rays (which is important when living in sunny Marbella); it also absorbs moisture and is nice and cooling. It helps keep the baby warm in cold weather and cools in warm weather. The fabric is soft and silky and contains no toxins. The spandex helps make the fabric stretchy, which means that getting dressed is comfortable for both baby and mom alike. The fabric is an excellent choice for a baby’s soft skin and for people with allergies. Check out MiBe’s new cute designs via their online shop & spoil your baby:

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