My non toxic DIY Baby Balm aka All-Over General Salve Recipe

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Since I ran out of my favorite Baby Balm and the shipping to Spain from the UK was almost the price of the cream I decided it’s time to try my own homemade version of it. In the end, the ‘making-of’ is the easy part anyway, sourcing all the ingredients is what takes time and usually you can’t purchase them all in one place. Althought I recently came across with an amazing Spanish online shop that sells the majority of ingredients and supplies neede to make your own creams and cosmetics at home! But if you’re looking for the best price, then it’s worth buying a few bits from Amazon instead. I’ll make sure to share all the links to each ingredient, so you can see where I bought them. But back to the topic - the baby balm or diy baby diaper balm! Before buying the ingredients I took time to research a few recipes and then I also checked the ingredient list of the baby balm I already loved so much by Sister & Co. And I didn’t see the other baby balm recipes online using a few of their ingredients, so I decided to improvise. And anyway, what you’re adding is all natural/organic ingredients and if you’re not sure how much of what to add, be sure to follow ‘less is more’ in this case, as the oils are very concentrated and a little goes a long way!

If you're making this salve for your baby, be mindful of the essential oil diluation. For example for babies older than 3 months, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) recommends a safe dilution ratio of 0.5 to 1%, compared to a 2.5 to 10% dilution for adults. Also before using it everywhere on your baby, be sure to try a little bit on her skin to see if she/he has any irritation to any of the ingredients. But this thick balm is enriched with natural beeswax, shea butter and coconut oils to gently calm and protect even the most sensitive skin. It prevents drying, irritation and nappy rash. It’s not only perfect for baby’s bottom, it’s also good for face and body. Mildly fragranced with the delicate scent of Lavender and Tea Tree Essential oils, this balm is free of mineral oils and parabens, making it the perfect non toxic baby balm or all-over general salve! I also like to use it for her dribble rash when she’s teething!


1 100 or a 120ml jar with a secure lid

2 small saucepans/pots for double boiling

2 tablespoons of Beswax (for quicker melting, buy beeswax pellets)

3 tablespoons of 100% Shea butter

3 tablespoons of extra virgin Coconut oil

1 teaspoon of organic Apricot kernel oil

1 teaspoon of Calendula Oil

3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

few drops of Vitamin E oil