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Amanda’s Favorite Toys & Activities 15 months - 18 months

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

It’s funny how quickly I forget about all the things we play with or do as the days, weeks and months go by. Thankfully I had written down some of her favorite toys and activities. If you have any cool ideas, feel free to comment below.

Montessory Lock Box- this has been one of the best toys I have gotten for her and when we have some other kids around, they always choose that toy!

Cards - overall all sorts of cards interest her (and my wallet as well of course). But the animal cards have been her favorite and I have tried to match them up with toy animals. I got mine from Aliexpress.

Stickers - she loves sticking stickers everywhere - the best activity for the plane or for a restaurant!

Water coloring books - These are amazing! Perfect for any location to keep your child busy!

Magnet books - We have a lovely farm one she likes as well as a peppa big one and they’re both great. She also sticks the magnets on the fridge and she loves it! An activity that can keep her busy for a long time!

Blocks - for a while, she wasn’t that into blocks, but during this period she started playing with them more and more.

Strolling - she has a small baby stroller that I let her push around the house and on the street sometimes with some of her cuddlies in there - really cute to see her like that!

Sand and water - since it was summer when she was 15-18 months old, we could have her play with water and sand on the beach, as well as some water fun by the pool and of course - toddlers never get bored of that! I need to get her a sand box now I think!

Laundry - she loves helping me with laundry - putting the things in the washing machine, then taking them out, then handing them over to me to hang. She loves to sort clothes and play with the pegs as well! I also let her help me with the dishwasher!


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