DIY Aftershave Balm

Updated: Feb 10

After I made my own homemade Baby Balm, I got carried away and thought why not give it a go and try my own version of an aftershave balm for my fiance. So I did, I used a recipe I found on the internet from and improvised a little bit by using Jojoba Oil for example as I didn’t have Almond Oil etc and it turned out lovely. I skipped the part that says you can whip it, so it’s more of a salve than a cream, but my partner loves it and I use it as well sometimes. Depending on whether you’re doing it for you or for your partner, you can change the essential oils, for example Cedarwood is for me has a very masculine scent. Anyway hope you enjoy it! Comment below if you have done your own version of it as well!

Soothing DIY Aftershave Balm for Men


4 TBSP shea butter

2 TBSP sweet almond oil (or Jojoba Oil)

1 TBSP apricot kernel oil

1 TBSP Argan oil

4 TBSP Aloe vera gel

5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

5-7 drops orange essential oil

5-7 drops cedarwood essential oil

5-7 drops lavender essential oil