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Finca La Gloria - an organic countryside experience

Finca La Gloria is a true gem of Andalucia, not just as a stunning boutique hotel, but as a whole experience and what it stands for. When you book your stay there, you are in for a treat from the mother earth - as all the food comes from their own farm to your table. So you’re getting the freshest produce you can think of and of course it's 100% organic. Plus the way their amazing chef prepares it, is just heavenly. So it’s not your average countryside house, but it’s a permaculture estate boosting an intimate stunning boutique hotel within an intensive agricultural development, where art, crops, and inner wellness, morph into one single philosophical statement.

What is permaculture? I had heard a little bit about it before, but the small tour we had by the lovely owner at their farm showed us how much love, effort and knowledge they have put into this finca. They’re not thinking about the immediate benefits and profits they could be making with traditional farming methods, but they have transofrmed a traditional Andalusian farm into a respectful interpretation of a modern rural lifestyle, where learning about methods of restoring our soil and the cultivation of sustainable crops cohabit in harmony with the personal contemplation of art and inner growth. And did you know you can be a part of this amazing venture and enjoy their amazing seasonal fruit and vegetables? They offer weekly deliveries all the way to Estepona, so you can enjoy organic local produce at the comfort of your own home. Or alternatively visit the Finca with your family and give them a relaxing experience amongst nature.

Just a 45-minute drive from Marbella.

Price per night from €590 for up to 15 pax. More info:


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