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Marbella Life Podcast: #9 Franca Villarroel - a lifecoach who remarried her ex husband

Updated: Mar 31

My latest guest for my podcast is the beautiful Franca Villarroel, who has a background in the entertainment industry as a musical performer and actress, but After having children and marrying her husband twice, yes you heard me right, she changed her career to become a trained life and businesscoach. We will discuss about her work, beauty tips, personal life and of course what it’s like to live in Marbella.

More about Franca here:

Favorite Restaurants:

La Tienda Casa Curro Restaurant / Old Town Marbella

La Cancha Dos / Sotogrande /My absolute happy place

El Patio / Marbella Club: always a classic

Trocadero Estepona / nice with friends & pool

Best places with kids:

Sardinales Chiringito

Bar Luca / Puerto Pesquero

Favorite Cafes:


Keto Royal


Marietta _Royal Tenis Club


Teatro Cervantes

Soho Teatro / Antonio Banderas


The mountains of Marbella

Yoga with Rebecca Recatero / Karuna

Sound Healing with Daniela Kofman

Running or bikes at the paseo with my friend Nicole

Caminito del rey / Malaga

With the Ave to Madrid for the weekend / shopping

Paddelboard at the beach


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