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Castellar Zoo - Animal Rescue Centre

If you’re looking for a Zoo in Marbella, I suggest you to visit the Zoo in Castellar (near Sotogrande). It’s definitely not your average zoo, since they don’t capture animals to display them, but instad they rescue them. I visited Castellar Zoo or the first time last summer, but since I heard there is a new baby panther me and my boyfriend to drive down there last weekend.

The Castellar Zoo is an hour away from Marbella, very close to Sotogrande. This animal rescue center, is a private initiative started in 1998, which officially opened in 2002 in order to aid animals which were seized by the authorities. Animals that were the victims of the black market and who were mistreated and uncared all now live happily in Castellar. Several years after its opening, the center opened its doors to the public not only to display the animals but also to increase awareness.

I love the fact that the animals get a second chance and that the visitors can also feed the animals and interact with them directly! Just make sure you buy the seeds from reception (just €1). Trust me, it’s a great day out and you can see all kinds of species, from penguins, tigers, lions and monkeys to birds, goats and you can even hug the honeybear! Unfortunately the animals have a 'siesta' so we were not able to see the baby panther. So try to avoid going there between 2-4pm, that's the time some of the animals rest.

Why visit Castellar Zoo?

Since Zoo de Castellar receives no government assistance, it survives on donations, sponsorship and entrance fees. So every visit is important! It’s open everyday from 10am til 8pm.

Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

15€ per adult, 10€ per child

Address: Cerro del Moro S/N,

11350 Castellar de la Frontera, Cádiz

Phone:+34 607 91 03 93

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