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Thailand Travel Blog #5: Private villa in Krabi, Hot Springs & Emerald Pool

After a week in Thailand, we arrived to Krabi, where we had a private villa booked for 2 nights. Since we came by Ferry from Phi Phi Don, we were greeted by a private transfer at the marina. The luxurious VIP transfer that the villa offered us was really worth it - it had huge massage chairs, air conditioning and even wifi! Our villa wasn’t located actually in Krabi town, it was situated in Khaothong Beach next to some other private villas (30min from the marina), so you can't help but feeling relaxed when you’re there - you have no other option!

A little bit about Krabi..

A coastal province, Krabi offers countless natural attractions that never fail to impress tourists. Such attractions include white as white sandy beaches, waterfalls, massive limestone karts, as well as numerous paradise islands. While less commercialized than neighboring Phuket, Krabi Province cannot be described as undiscovered: it already receives two million visitors a year, and the major tourist areas cater extensively to foreigners. But the area where we stayed was very quiet, private and had just one restaurant opposite us - which turned out to be our favourite throughout the trip! Did I mention this area is one of the oldest communities in Thailand dating back to the prehistoric period? And it is believed that this province may have taken its name after the meaning of Krabi, which means sword.

The Villa

As you can see from the photos, the seafront villa was like a dream - perfect size for 4 people and lovely views to the sea as well as to the mountains. We were greeted at the villa by Tan, who helped us book a private transfer for the next day that drove us to the Hot Springs, Emerald Pool and to the Krabi Tiger Cave Temple. I recommend you to do all of those and especially with a private car early in the morning, since otherwise you will have to ‘enjoy’ them with other tourists.

If you’d like to stay in one of those beautiful Krabi villas see more info here:

Krabi Hot Springs

We got up at 6am (again!) and took the hour drive to the Hot Springs, but trust me, it’s worth coming here when it’s still closed (before 8am). After a 5-minute walk in the jungle, you will find the nature’s own hot-tub jacuzzis! It’s so beautiful and the water is unbelievably hot, around 42C. The water comes from thermal springs, originating deep underground in volcanic chambers. The hot springs also contain mineral salts that also ease a number of ailments, including rheumatism, sciatica and skin complaints. Although these medical claims are unproven, the effect of simply sitting in hot water early in the morning, certainly has positive some health benefits! The entrance fee to the hot springs is 90 baht, which we paid on our way out, since they were closed when we came. But a lot of locals ‘sneak’ in and out of the office hours of the sight! A great way to start your day.

Emerald Pool

After the hot bath time we headed with our private transfer to the Emerald Pool or Sramorakod as they call it. Situated in Khao Phanom Bencha National Park it’s a must-see when visiting Krabi and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life! The Emerald Pool is so bright green that it looks almost unreal! The pool gets its green color from the minerals in the water. After the Emerald Pool, we walked along the path in the National Park and also visited the bright Krabi Blue Pool. Even though the water looks magical and inviting, it is hot and surrounded by quicksand, so no swimming is allowed here.

Krabi Tiger Temple

By the time we made it to the Krabi Tiger Temple it was already 1pm so we had no energy (the heat didn’t help either) to walk up to the actual temple. We did see the other temples in the area as well as the cheeky monkeys. But when you do go and have the energy to climb the 1272 steps leading up to the Golden Buddha statue you will be greeted with amazing 360 views of the surrounding area as well as the sea. Oh and why do they call it the Tiger Temple? Because you can find the tiger paw prints in the temple cave. See more info about the temple here:

After a long day of sightseeing we headed back to our lovely villa in Krabi and enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool. You can also book a private boat to pick you up from your villa and take you to the nearby islands, but since we decided to stay in Ao Nang, Krabi 3 more nights, we thought of doing it another day. Lastly, I would like to tell share with you our food experience in Khaothong Terrace Restaurant! It was the only restaurant that was walking distance and it was so good that we ate there during our 2-day stay in the Villa!