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Thailand Travel Blog #7: Krabi Island Tour - Hong, Rai, Koh Phak Bia, Lading

Krabi province is famous for its numerous gorgeous islands and to see some of them is a must! We only had time to visit 4 islands and to do that we hired another private long tail boat in Aonang with a friendly driver called and we headed towards the paradise islands already 7am in the morning. Just to avoid the hoards of tourists during the day. If you missed my previous post about Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, makes sure to check it out when travelling to Krabi, since this is the perfect hotel to stay in Krabi, since the location is perfect for island hopping, which is a must when you're in that province.

Hong Island

It took around 45 minutes to get to Hong Island that is uninhabited because it belongs to the National Marine Park. The island has just one but very beautiful beach, the Pelay beach, and since we got there so early, the tide was still low and we went for a small walk in the jungle to make some time. Koh Hong island in Krabi was also one of the places where they brought some rescued people after the tsunami back in 2004. And you can also see some giant clam shells that drifted to the shores of Hong island. After a refreshing morning walk we went to snorkel with the little fish, since they were the only ones there besides us!

The Lagoon

Hong actually means ‘a room’ because its interior is home to a large lagoon that is accessed at low tide and its a really cool thing to see! We could even walk there, since the tide was very low and there was only one or two more boats there. It’s definitely worth visiting Hong island, I loved how peaceful it was and clean. But my favourite island of the 4 we visited that day is still coming..

The Lagoon

Rai Island

After Hong island the next stop this amazingly tiny, but such a cool island called Rai. Or shall I say a corner of an island. It had a triangle-like beach and as the tide rose, the beach totally disappeared! This is another reason to hire a private boat during the early hours, because this impressive sandbar is only revealed at low tide. We managed to enjoy this fabulous island alone - we had a swim, enjoyed a small chicken satay for lunch and took some amazing photos. This is 100% one of the coolest islands in Krabi, the only negative side it you can’t enjoy it too long because the tide ‘eats up’ the beach..

Koh Phak Bia Island

Next stop was Koh Phak Bia island, just 5-minutes away from Rai island. Here there was already quite a lot of tourists, so we didn’t stay for too long. The island is beautiful though, has some rocky parts, but also a sandy beach and a cool swing that is just asking for a photo!