Thailand Travel Blog #8: Poda Island & Railey Beach

The next day we visited Poda Island and also had a quick look at the famous Railay Beach that is just 15-minutes driving from Aonang. There are long tail taxi boats going to Poda Island and Railay Beach from 9am in the morning until late at night. So we decided to spend most of the day in the beautiful Poda Island so we left Aonang around 10am, we would’ve actually loved to come back 14:00 already, but since you have to count with 6 other people who take the same taxi as you we had to come back at the latest time possible - 16:00.

Boat Taxi Times & Cost from Aonang

8:00-00:00 West Railay Beach - 15min - 200baht 2 way per person

8:00-16:00 Poda Island - 25min - 300 baht - 2 way per person

Aonang Beach

Anyway, it was a pure pleasure being there, since it was so incredibly beautiful and the island had amazingly crystal clear blue waters that made me not want to get out of the sea. Plus it’s was hot, you can’t help but want to soak in the water most of the day! I loved the limestone cliff that reminded us the famous James Bond Island that we didn’t get to see this time, so we were happy to see something so similar to it. The downside of this island was that there was actually quite a lot of tourists, but the beach is long enough for you to find your space. There were also some monkeys on one side of the beach and there was a sign that clearly prohibited the tourists feeding them. But they were so cheeky they just started going through people’s bags to find something edible! So watch out for those, because they can also get aggressive. But if you keep your distance and your food/drink away from them, they’re harmless and cute! All in all, Poda island is a MUST when you're in Krabi, trust me! Pictures speak louder than words so have a look below..