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Mallorca blog #4: Calo Des Moro

Since we only had 5 days in Mallorca, we really had to pick wisely which beaches to visit. One of the ones that really caught my eye on Instagram as well as googling about the best beaches in Mallorca was Calo des Moro beach, which was supposedly one you had to hike to, therefore a bit of a secret beach! To be honest, it wasn’t that long or hard of a hike down to the beach, it was harder to find it with our GPS. Situated just 6km from Santanyí, in the Southeast of Mallorca, we finally found the place and even though it was the first weekend of October there were so many cars there. As we made our way down to the beach we couldn’t help but stop half way there to take some photos. It is honestly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. This stunning secret beach of Mallorca is only 30m wide surrounded by cliffs and pine trees and the water is unbelievably clear and turquoise blue.

There’s also another cool cala next to Calo Des Moro beach called s’Almunia. It has no sand, so the people were soaking up the sun on the cliffs, but the water is crystal clear and the place is also magical! Which one is your favourite beach in Mallorca? Comment below!

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