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Introducing my favourite Photographer & Makeup Artist in Tallinn, Estonia!

I am so excited and happy to visit my home country Estonia again this July. Not only I get to see my family and friends I'm also looking forward to shooting with one of the best photographer in Estonia (in my opinion of course). I have always admired his stunning photos and my sister has also shot with him and the result was amazing! So the person who I'm talking about it Kirill Gvozdev, who actually has another profession, but his new hobby has quickly taken over his life!

Even though Kirill discovered photography fairly late, he has quickly become one of the most sought-after photographers in town. He bought a camera just 5-6 year ago, just to capture some moments when traveling etc, since he didn't have a lot of photos of his childhood. And that's how it all started. He started taking photos of everything and seeing the beauty of photography. He is taking inspiration from famous photographers such as Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Klein, Nick Knight and especially from Peter Lindbergh, who captures beautiful black and white portraits and uses the minimum amount of photoshop retouching, just to emphasize natural beauty. His favorite genres are fashion photography, portraits as well as nature. If you would like to book Kirill for a shoot please email:

For my shoot with Kirill in Tallinn, I have also booked a talented makeup artist from JEM Beauty Salon - Kersti Murumägi. Kersti graduated the Grimm School in Tallinn in 2012, where she studied both theatrical grimm, makeup of different eras as well as special effects. She has learnt from a recognised makeup artist, Lana Vallo, and has participated in various workshops. She is inspired by classic makeup that emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman. Kersti has practiced her skills in various TV commercials, broadcasts as well as in series, she has also worked on different photoshoots. Being a model herself, she has always been surrounded by the world of beauty and now she us facing the challenges behind the scenes. Besides regular makeup for events, weddings and parties Kersti also uses Airbruch makeup. To book an appointment please email:

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