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Discovering Tallinn Vol.3: Telliskivi Creative City

Another cool discovery at Tallinn was Telliskivi Creative City aka Loomelinnak. This unique work and leisure environment is located right next to the new Balti Station Market. So what is it? Telliskivi Creative City is basically an independent business hub, completely based on private ownership, where the tenants are fully responsible for the design of their spaces, making it a diverse and original community. It is a major act of reclaiming urban space: an old industrial territory springing to life, existing architecture finding new and alternative purposes. The Creative City spans 25 000 m2 and consists of 10 buildings. Currently there are over 200 businesses, companies and NGOs operating on the premises. People quickly came to embrace the location for leisure activities, making it a daily destination for locals and visitors alike. Telliskivi extends the Tallinn downtown across the railway tracks, offering a cosy and artistic alternative to the sights and nightlife of the Old Town.

Besides offices, ateliers, studios, workshops, rehearsal spaces, shops and clubs, Telliskivi also offers a bike shop, bread factory, print shop, concert hall, theatre stage, several cafes, galleries, bars and restaurants. They also accommodate a nursery, massage salon and a yoga studio. For meeting rooms, conference halls and venues, training rooms and offices we also offer short-term contracts. You can set up a temporary booth on the shopping street even for a single day. They also host some big events in their courtyard. For example the Tallinn Street Food Festival attracted around 18 000 visitors in 2016.

Right next to Telliskivi Creative City you will also find another place worth visiting - Depoo. This place represents the full variety of Estonian street food. And while you’re here, make sure to stop in at Peatus (meaning 'a stop') – an original Moscow-Tallinn passenger train carriage and restaurant car that’s been turned into a café and nightclub. How cool is that?


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