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Mexico Blog #7: Wining & Dining at Playaakun, Tulum

When talking about Playaakun eco luxury villa in Tulum, I can’t help but share with you the amazing food we enjoyed during our stay! Every meal is freshly prepared just for you, following your personal preferences. As we were checking in and enjoying a crisp glass of white wine, we were treated to home made guacamole and freshly made tortillas, followed by the catch of the day served on a bed of a green salad. One of my favorite dishes I tried was the Ceviche - this was definitely one of the best ceviches I have ever had (and we did dine at Chi.Che in Miami and that was amazing), but I have to the best Ceviche title to Playaakun kitchen! Besides divine food, the cocktails that the mixologist Eric prepared were out of this world and could compete to some of the best cocktail makers in the world! Make sure to ask him to prepare you an ‘MB’ cocktail (named after his ex!) - just wow! You will want to keep them coming all night!

Playaakun is not only a paradisiac luxury villa in Tulum, it’s so much more than that. The privacy, the staff, the villa itself and most of all the untouched nature that you get to experience (along with those amazing cocktails) makes Playaakun the new ‘place to hide’ in Tulum..

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